During Our Weekly Sunday Celebrations

Unity encourages questions, and the development of our own spiritual creeds.

See below for a small taste of what can be learned, experienced, and questioned at the center. 

Rev. Ed Townley

Rev. Ed Townley's introduction & story.

Rev. Tony Cryer

Rev. Tony gives an enlightening lesson on awakening from the dream of separation.

Christopher Hogan

Chris Hogan helps us Let Go & Let God.

Rev. Tony Cryer

Rev. Tony Cryer gives an uplifting lesson on 

Living in a State of Prosperity.

Amy Joslin

Called to be the great gift of service. Amy gives a wonderful lesson on how we can be messengers, and create Heaven on Earth. 

Lori Lamont

Lori Lamont's lesson "Walking your talk".

Unity gives us inspirational lessons, but putting the lessons and principals to practice in daily life can be a challenge. Lori tells us how to walk our talk.