Unity's Five Principles

Unity Principle Number ONE: “God is absolute good, everywhere present.”

AFFIRMATION (Together): “God is absolute good, everywhere present.”


Unity Principle Number TWO: “Human beings have a spark of divinity within them, the Christ-spirit within.  Their very essence is of God; therefore, they are also inherently good.”

 AFFIRMATION (Together): “The core of me is God. And from the God within me, I can do anything.”


Unity Principle Number THREE: “Human beings create their experience by the activity of their thinking. Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought.”

AFFIRMATION (Together): “I am free and unlimited, the creator of my experiences.”


Unity Principle Number FOUR: “Prayer is creative thinking that heightens the connection with God-Mind and therefore brings forth wisdom, healing, prosperity and everything good.”

 AFFIRMATION (Together): “In the stillness of my heart, I turn to God within. I rest in the awareness of God’s unyielding Presence.”


Unity Principle Number FIVE: “Knowing and understanding the laws of life, also known as Truth, is not enough. A person must also live the truth that he or she knows.”

AFFIRMATION (Together): “I live the truth, knowing that God is all. I let my light shine and my heart expand.”